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want to be successful?

There are three qualities that every actor must have in order to be successful in Hollywood: a great look, a great personality and great talent. Your look is your physical appearance as compared to standard casting standards. You personality is the total of your behavior, temperament, emotions and intelligence. And, your talent, as one CAA agent defines it, "is your ability to be yourself on camera, on stage or in a room." Make no mistake, the best actors in the world are here in Hollywood, the center of the film and television universe. And that's your competition. They have great looks, great personalities and great talent. How do you compare? Successful actors have mastered the art of knowing and being who they are. Unfortunately, most actors have no idea who they are, how they're perceived or how to "be themselves." They're too busy trying to be what they think the casting director, agent or director wants them to be.

Dare to be different! Come find out if you have what it takes to make it in Hollywood. We'll show you who you are in the eyes of the industry and teach you how to take advantage of what makes you unique.

want to be a great actor

Anthony Hopkins once said "The art of acting is not to act. Once you show them more, what you show them is, in fact, bad acting." Therein lies the key to great acting. But, as most great actors will tell you, this is no easy task. It often takes years of practice to master.

Our primary goal at the Be A Working Actor Studios is to teach you how to bring yourself to your work. We teach you how "not to act" We'll show you Marks Photohow to give Casting Directors, Agents, Directors and the audience exactly what they want to see... YOU! As an artist, you have something important to say to the world and we will help you to say it! We'll train you to be a dynamic actor, whether you're on screen, on stage or in an office.

We look forward to seeing you succeed!

- Mark Atteberry

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