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image private consultations
private coaching
Private Coaching is Available For:
  • Auditions
  • On-Set Coaching
  • Private Acting Training
  • Overcoming Blocks
  • and More

Cost is $105 per hour (S85 per hour if you are a currently enrolled student). Please contact us for rates on private on-set coaching.

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image consulting
Looking For a Great Image Consultant?

One of the most difficult things to do as an actor is to see yourself objectively, It is difficult to know what image you portray or what types you naturally play with out the help of a professional or years of experience. Mark Atteberry has been in the Entertainment Industry nearly all his life. He was one of the top photographers in LA for over 14 years. His countless hours of working with actors, models and, most importantly, agencies have given him a profound understanding of image and how to discern and market an actor's look and personality. Mark currently serves as an image consultant to several prominent agencies here in town.

In a Typical Image Consultation We'll Discuss:

  • Your First Impression
  • Your Type(s)
  • How You'll Be Percieved by the Industry
  • Your Physical Appearance
  • Your Wardrobe
  • Your Hair and Styling
  • Your Headshot and Resume
  • Your Demo Reel
  • What Steps to Advance Your Career
  • and More

Cost is $105 per hour (S85 per hour for currently enrolled students).

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career guidance
Don't Know What's Best for Your Career?

We can help. Private career guidance is available for actors who don't know how to take their career to the next level. Get the personalized attention that you can't get in a class.

Cost is $105 per hour (S85 per hour for currently enrolled students).

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headshots and demos
Need Great Headshots or an Actor's Demo?

Headshot and demo consultations are available as part of the Career Guidance and Image Consultations above.

Need a great photographer? Click the Idyllic Photography link below to see Mark Atteberry's work. If you are a current or past student of our workshops, classes or privates, you'll recieve a significant discount off the current prices!
idyllic photography link

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